All Things Kevin Murphy

Find Out About Kevin Murphy, Available At DMH Hairdressing Salon In Wanneroo

We are a Kevin Murphy Session Salon, which simply means that we are experts in all things Kevin Murphy! As well as being able to find the perfect product for your hair care needs, it means that we use only the very best products out there.

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What Types Of Products Are In The Kevin Murphy Range?

Kevin Murphy covers all areas of hair maintenance and hair styling, think of it as 'skincare for your hair'. As well as being kind to your hair AND the environment, the brand offers a wide-range of products suitable for all kinds of hair types. 

We have a fantastic range of Kevin Murphy products available online and in salon, we know you will love these products as much as we do! Come and speak to us about what Kevin Murphy productwill be best for your hair care needs. 


Are Kevin Murphy Products Cruelty-Free & Vegan? 

Yes! None of their products are tested on animals, and non of the ingredients in their products are tested on animals. Also the majority of Kevin Murphy's products are Vegan, although be sure to check with your DMH hairdressing expert because a few products may contain milk protein. As well as containing ingredients that are good for our World, Kevin Murphy also uses sustainable and renewable packaging for their products! You can now care for your hair guilt free!


Which Shampoo Is Best For Me? 

There is so much choice when it comes to shampoos in the Kevin Murphy range, they really look after every possible concern you may have.

If you are looking to banish unwanted brassy tones then we would recommend Blonde.Angel.Wash for your dyed blonde hair.

To reduce the build up of oils and products, we would suggest the Maxi.Wash to keep your hair fresh. 

Looking to strengthen and restore thickness? Plumping.Wash delivers essential nourishment and can give thinning hair the boost to look thicker and fuller.

Looking to moisturise your hair? The Hydrate.Me.Wash is full of antioxidant goodness which leaves you with smooth and hydrated hair. 


Can I Buy Kevin Murphy At DMH Hair Salon? 

Yes - you can buy the amazing Kevin Murphy washes, rinses and styling products from us either in the salon, or on our online store! Shop with us now to start stocking up on your favourite products!