Confusing Colour – We Can Help

Keeping up with the ever changing colour trends can be hard enough, but what can be even more confusing is trying to keep up with all the technical terms and what they mean!

At DMH Hairdressing salon we want to empower you to understand the technicalities of your hair colour and what they mean! Read the below to discover the meaning behind colour terms. 

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Bleach Scalp: All over bleach application to lift the hair. May require a toner. 

Full head, 3/4 head, 1/2 head highlights: Various amounts of packets depending on the coverage of colour required. Individually weaved throughout hair.

Balayage: Free hand highlights, painted on. A very bespoke hair colour service to create a graduated look. 

Colour Correction: Changing the tone, redoing the placement of colour or generally correcting a colour service to match your desired hair colour. 

Full Head Tint: Full head application of permanent colour, which will cover 100% white hair. 

Tint (Roots Only): Permanent colour applied to the roots only to cover regrowth. 

Root Stretch: Blending out your natural hair colour with coloured hair to create a natural look, especially with regrowth.

Single Process: A single colour service, normally all over colour with no added highlights or lowlights. 

Double Process: A colour service which requires more than one colour service in one visit. 

Glossing: A hair gloss treatment is a semi-permanent hair treatment that adds shine.

Warm Tone: A tonal value that applies to blonde, brunette and red shades. A color has “warm tones” if it has yellow, orange or red.

Cool Tone: A tonal value that also relates to blonde, brunette and red shades. A color has “cool tones” if it tends to be more blue, green or violet.