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AGI ONE Hair Smoothing At DMH Hairdressing In Wanneroo 

If you are fed up with your unruly, frizzy hair, it's time to discover AGI ONE Hair Smoothing at DMH Hairdressing in Wanneroo!  This fabulous hair smoothing treatment will give you smoother, straighter, shinier hair for up to five months.

As one of the longest-lasting hair smoothing treatments around, AGI ONE is ideal for those with thick hair, colour-treated hair including blondes, curly hair and unruly hair that is prone to frizz.  We have three treatments designed for normal hair, resistant hair types and coloured hair.  

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Is AGI ONE Hair Smoothing Better Than Keratin Hair Smoothing?

Most of our clients tell us they prefer AGI ONE Hair Smoothing treatments because they leave their hair looking smoother, shinier and feeling smooth and healthy.  The results also usually last for between 3 and 5 months which is longer than with most keratin hair smoothing services.

It works by releasing nano particles of silk proteins and amino acids into and onto the hair shart to smooth and condition your hair.  This helps to repair the hair and creates a protective layer on the outside.   Even better, AGI ONE contains no nasty formaldehyde which can be found in some hair straightening treatments.

The Benefits Of AGI ONE Hair Smoothing  

There are multiple benefits to choosing the AGI ONE Hair Smoothing treatment at DMH Hair Salon in Wanneroo.  For example, the treatment is relatively quick when compared to keratin hair smoothing treatments.  You can also wash and style your hair immediately after the treatment - so no need to wait before washing or pinning your hair up, if you fancy.

Perhaps our favourite benefit is that your hair smoothing treatment activates every time you wash and blow dry your hair.  Of course, over time, the hair smoothing benefits will wear off and you may decide to book in again for your next treatment. 

Colouring Your Hair After Hair Smoothing Treatments

Of course you can colour your hair after you've had your AGI ONE Hair Smoothing treatment - but we recommend you wait at least five days for the best results. Your hair smoothing expert will tell you all you need to know about AGI ONE during your consultation. 

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