Hair Treatments

The Best Hair Treatments At DMH Hair Salon In Wanneroo

The health of your hair is important to us which is why we may occasionally ecommend an in-salon hair treatment.  We use the best Kevin Murphy hair treatments, the fantastic OLAPLEX hair repair system, and AGI ONE hair smoothing treatments to ensure your hair looks its very best 24/7.

If you have any hair or scalp concerns, please talk to your stylist who will be happy to recommend the right products or treatments for you. We can help with hair breakage and split ends, dry hair, oily hair & scalp, thinning hair, frizzy hair...  and more! 

Read on to find out more about our customised hair treatments and home hair care products at DMH Hair Salon & Barbers in Wanneroo.

Kevin Murphy & Olaplex Hair Treatments In Wanneroo




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Kevin Murphy Hair Treatments

KEVIN MURPHY TREAT.ME MOISTURE TREATMENT is ideal for those with dry, frizzy or chemically treated hair.  We can create a bespoke hair treatment which will leave your hair shiny, soft and moisturised. 

KEVIN MURPHY TREAT.ME STRENGTH TREATMENT is perfect if you have weak, damaged, brittle hair as it helps to restore strength and elasticity. 

KEVIN MURPHY TREAT.ME ANTI-AGEING TREATMENT works beautifully on mature hair or hair that has been damaged through chemical or hormonal ageing.  Your rejuvenated hair will look shiny and healthier. 

KEVIN MURPHY TREAT.ME THICKENING TREATMENT is designed for those with fine hair or locks that are thinning.  The aim here is to thicken and plump your hair, improving density to make it look thicker. Ingredients in this treatment are also designed to help with hair loss. 

Kevin Murphy Hair Treatments at DMH Hair Salon in Wanneroo

OLAPLEX Hair Repair Treatments 

We really can achieve incredible results with OLAPLEX!  OLAPLEX can be used as a stand-alone treatment to create healthy glossy hair, but is also very effective when added into your hair colour.   It works by reconnecting the damaged bonds in your hair, making dry and brittle hair stronger and silkier.  We offer OLAPLEX Hair Repair Treatments as a three-step in-salon process - and we also sell OLAPLEX treatments that you can use at home. 


AGI ONE Hair Smoothing

Say goodbye to frizzy unruly curly hair with AGI ONE Hair Smoothing Treatment at Wanneroo's top hairdressing salon.  This fabulous hair smoothing treatment will give you smoother, straighter, shinier hair for up to five months. As one of the longest-lasting hair smoothing treatments around, AGI ONE is ideal for those with thick hair, colour-treated hair including blondes, curly hair and unruly hair that is prone to frizz.  We have three treatments designed for normal hair, resistant hair types and coloured hair.  Find out more about our best hair smoothing treatments in Wanneroo here.