Energy Saving Hacks For Your Hair

3 Simple Energy Saving Hacks At DMH Hair Salon In Wanneroo

There are so many reasons to think about how you can reduce the amount of energy you are using on a day-to-day basis. One of these is reducing your energy bills, but just as importantly reducing your impact on the environment. 

At DMH Hairdressing Salon in Wanneroo, we are dedicated to being an eco salon which focuses on products that are good for the environment. As we are focused on our commitment to the environment, we thought we would share with you our top 3 energy-saving hacks, while still also looking fabulous and can save you a few pennies!

Minimise Your Heat Styling Time

It can be tempting to jump out of the shower and start blasting your hair straight away with your hairdryer to start the drying process. However, when you are at home, it is always worth allowing yourself the time so you can wrap your hair in a microfibre towel and wait until it is 80% dry before heat styling. 

Why not add a smoothing cream to your hair while it is damp and wait until it is completely dry, to avoid any frizziness if you are planning on using a straightener or curling tong? This will keep your hair in better condition as you are using less heat, and also gives you the benefit of reducing the amount of time you are using your heat tool. 

Heat Styling at the best hair salon in Wanneroo

Make Sure You Are Using The Correct Products

Did you know that some products can actively help reduce the time it takes for your hair to dry? At the top hair salon in Wanneroo, we can give you professional advice on the best products for your hair type and condition.

Reduce The Heat At Shower Time

Now, we are all sure you have been encouraged to reduce the time you spend in your shower, but we have a different hack for you. Reducing the heat of the water on your hair will not only help to reduce your energy usage, but it will actually help you to maintain the colour in your hair. Hair colour is prone to fading when it is washed often on high heat, which can mean the need for more top-up toners at the salon. However, by simply reducing the temperature of your showers, you can protect the integrity of your hair colour and also reduce the amount of energy you are using. 

Reduce the heat at the top hair salon At DMH Hairdressing Salon In Wanneroo

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