How To Go Blonde – Your FAQs

Everything You Need To Know About Going Blonde At DMH Hair Salon In Wanneroo

At the best blonde hair colour salon in Wanneroo, we know what it takes to create the perfect shade of blonde for each individual client.

Hair colouring is a science and we have the training and experience to understand how your hair will react to colour products. We can also recommend the best techniques and colour placement needed to produce your desired result.  The health and condition of your hair is always our top priority.

Carry on reading for your blonde questions answered!

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Which Blonde Will Suit Me?

There’s a blonde hair colour to suit most skin tones.  You can choose any shade you like, but the following is a quick guide to show you what might suit you best:

Light Skin Tones – choose golden, strawberry or light blonde colours. 
Medium Skin Tones – go for honey or golden blonde. Beige blonde or light blondes with warm tones also work well.
Dark Skin Tones – warmer, darker blondes will work best such as caramels and golden blondes. 

If you’ve seen a blonde colour you love, bring in the image to show to your stylist.  We will aim to turn your idea into reality or advise you of any alternatives that might work better.

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What Are The Most Popular Blonde Hair Colours?

Some of the most popular blonde hair colors include honey blonde, platinum blonde, and sandy blonde. Honey blonde is a warm and rich color that adds a touch of sweetness to any look, while platinum blonde is a bold and daring color that demands attention and exudes confidence. Sandy blonde is a natural-looking blend of cool and warm tones that creates a soft and subtle glow, perfect for those looking for a more low-key and laid-back look.

These shades are popular for a reason - they're timeless, versatile, and can be customized to suit any skin tone and personal style. Whether you're a natural blonde or you've decided to take the plunge and go blonde, these popular shades are sure to turn heads and make you feel confident and beautiful.

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How Much Will My Blonde Hair  Cost?

This really depends on your hair’s current condition, length and technique or level of blondness you want to achieve.  Book a consultation and we will give you a no-obligation quote once we have assessed your hair. 

Will My Hair Be In Bad Condition After Going Blonde?

The condition of your hair is our top priority at DMH Hairdressing in Wanneroo. We use only the very best products, and make an assessment of the condition of your hair before we start and work with you to achieve the look you desire, without compromising the condition of your hair. 

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How Do I Stop My Blonde Hair Looking Washed Out?

Blonde hair colour is extremely delicate. It can easily lose its shine or become discoloured because of the sun, sea salt, chlorine or other environmental factors. However, with the right products and a complete hair routine it is possible to preserve its colour and vibrancy. 

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How Do I Book My Hair Colour Appointment at DMH Hairdressing?

Book your hair colour appointment at DMH Hairdressing by calling us on 0893063754 to start your blonde hair colour journey today!