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Our hair experts at DMH Hairdressing Salon in Wanneroo answer your questions on hair growth. We also have the top tips on how to boost your hair growth for longer, healthier hair. If you've always wanted longer hair, keep reading to find out more!

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How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Each day around 50-100 hairs naturally fall out from your head. This is nothing to worry about though as the average person has over 100,000 hair follicles on their head! Typically, the hair on your head grows at a rate of around 0.33mm per day or half an inch per month. However, how much your hair grows can depend on many factors including hormones, genetics and diet. There are also things you can do to help your hair to grow.

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Why Can't I Grow My Hair Longer?

There are different types of hair follicles that dictate how your hair grows. Round hair follicles hold the hair better which means the hair can grow longer. Whereas, flat hair follicles can't hold the hair that well and so this may be the reason why you feel that your hair can't grow past a certain length. You may notice more hair falling out when you have longer hair because longer hair is heavier which causes the hair to be more likely to break or fall out. This again is nothing to worry about though as another hair will grow in its place!

Hair Growth at DMH Hairdressing Salon in Wanneroo

What Causes Damage To My Hair?

When your hair is damaged, it becomes weak and brittle which causes it to break. This will mean that your hair will stay the same length or even get short due to breakage. If you don't get regular haircuts, then you will likely have split ends. These split ends will split up your hair and cause breakage that will ultimately lead to shorter hair. Make sure to book in for regular trims at DMH Hairdressing Salon in Wanneroo so that you can have healthy hair that grows long and strong.

Where possible, you should avoid heated styling tools such as hair straighteners, curlers and blow dryers. Heated appliances cause damage to your hair! If you have to use heat styling tools, make sure to always use heat protectant. Also, when washing your hair with shampoo, avoid shampoo containing silicone as this can make hair prone to breakage. Check out our online shop for the best hair products for healthy hair.

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How To Grow Your Hair

Our hair experts have the top tips on how to grow your hair! Eat healthy for healthy hair by making sure your diet contains protein, iron and zinc. You can also take supplements that provide nourishment to the follicles and boost your hair growth.

Make sure to use a mild shampoo that will exfoliate your scalp gently. Check out our online shop for the best quality shampoos for you. Book in for regular haircuts and conditioning treatments at our Wanneroo hair salon so that your hair can grow healthy and long.

Hair Growth at DMH Hair Salon in Wanneroo

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