How To Get Healthy Hair

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Stronger
Top Tips From The Hair Experts In Wanneroo 

Why is it that some people can grow long healthy hair and others struggle?  Interestingly, your hair has its own growth cycle which could be anything between two years and six years before it either falls out or stops growing.  On average, hair grows about half an inch per month and it's completely normal to shed between  50-150 strands of hair every day.  

If your are experiencing excessive hair shedding, please see advice from your GP. 

So what can you do to grow hair that is as strong and healthy as possible?  Check out these top tips for healthy hair from the styling team at DMH Hairdressing in Wanneroo.  If you need help with your hair, come and see us.  Book a hair appointment by calling 08 93063754 or book online.

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Healthy Diet = Healthy Hair 

healthy hair tips at dmh hairdressers in wanneroo perthInclude these key food sources into a balanced diet for healthy hair:

Eggs - are a source of protein and biotin which help the production of keratin - a key component of your hair.
Spinach - contains iron and vitamins A & C which can increase the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles.
Berries - contain vitamins and antioxidants which can protect hair follicles from damage.  
Avocados - contain Biotin & vitamins - great for healthy skin and shiny hair. 
Beans - are good sources of protein, iron, zinc, and biotin which are important for hair growth. 

Have A Good Hair Routine

healthy hair tips at best hair salon in wannerooBe kind to your hair and scalp. 

Wash your hair with warm or cool water.

Be gentle when towel-drying.

Give your hair a break from heated styling with hairdryers, straighteners, tongs and rollers. 

Try not to use too many styling products. 

Brush your hair gently without tugging or pulling at knots.  

Avoid tying your hair up into tight ponytails or buns. 


Look For Hair Products With Keratin

how to grow your hair at dmh hair salon wannerooKeratin is one of the hair's building blocks.  It is found naturally in hair, skin and nails, but can become depleted over time. 

Hair treatments containing keratin are great for improving the health and appearance of your hair.

We are proud to sell Virtue hair products that combine pure human keratin with ingredients designed to fight frizzy hair, boost shine and build volume. 

Consider the Virtue Split End Serum, the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask (currently on sale) or the Virtue Healing Oil.



Book A Regular Trim At DMH Hairdressing In Wanneroo 

We know it sounds odd to suggest cutting your hair, but it's really important to invest in regular trims to ensure you get rid of split ends.  Removing split ends stops the hair breakage from spreading further up the hair shaft.  Book a hair appointment by calling DMH Hairdressing in Wanneroo on 08 93063754 or book online.