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K18 Hair Treatments at Top Wanneroo Hairdressers

Transform dry, dull and damaged hair with K18 hair treatments at DMH Hairdressing Salon in Wanneroo. Unlike other hair treatments that just coat your hair in oil for superficial health and sheen, K18 works from the inside out for instantly stronger and healthier hair. 

At DMH Hairdressing, we only offer the best hair treatments for you. One of the best things about the K18 hair treatment is that it's perfect for the busy working woman or girl on the go, as it only takes 4 minutes! Add a K18 hair treatment to your next hair colour service at our Wanneroo salon to see just what a difference this treatment can make.

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K18 Hair Treatments at DMH Hairdressing in Wanneroo

What Is A K18 Hair Treatment?

K18 hair treatments use innovative technology that is clinically proven to reverse hair damage caused by chemical services, heat styling and environmental damage.

The K18 hair treatment involves a two product system which is used during chemical services.

  1. K18 Mask: This hair repair mask can be applied with a professional in-salon service, or used at-home.
  2. K18 Mist: A professional-only product applied before an in-salon chemical service.

K18 hair treatments are designed to undo hair damage and prevent hair breakage whilst also strengthening the hair and improving elasticity. Your hair will be noticeably healthier after just one treatment! Keep your hair healthy and happy with regular K18 hair treatments at DMH Hairdressing Salon in Wanneroo.

In Salon Hair Treatment at DMH Hairdressing in Wanneroo

How K18 Hair Treatments Work

Unlike many other hair treatments which only provide a temporary fix, K18 works to provide permanent results. Thanks to years of scientific research, K18 has cracked the code and patented the first peptide proven to be the most effective at repairing broken keratin chains in the hair. This is what allows K18 hair treatments to work so fast as they can repair your hair in just 4 minutes!

To prepare your hair before a hair colour appointment, your DMH hair stylist will apply the K18 Mist so that your hair is strong and resilient for the hair colouring service. Your hair colour will not be affected by the K18 Mist, it will just ensure that you hair is in the best condition for your hair colouring appointment.

After this, you can sit back and relax as we apply the K18 Mask to lock in that strength, smoothness and shine for a gorgeous finish. You won't have to wait for long though as the K18 Mask will only be on for 4 minutes!

K18 Hair Transformation at Top Wanneroo Hair Salon

Benefits Of A K18 Hair Treatment

The benefits to a K18 hair treatment include:

  • Hair that is healed from bleach, colouring, chemical services, and heat styling.
  • Restored strength, smoothness, softness and shine.
  • 91% original strength.*
  • 94% original elasticity.*
  • Vegan-friendly hair treatment.
  • Dermatologist-tested hair treatment.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Fast treatment that only needs 4 minutes to work it's magic!

*Results observed in a clinical study while using K18 Mist and K18 Mask as part of a bleaching treatment. Results may vary depending on hair type, quality and history.

At Home Hair Treatment at DMH Hairdressing in Wanneroo

At-Home K18 Hair Treatment

The K18 Mask can also be used as an at-home treatment and is available to purchase from our online shop

There are two sizes for the K18 Mask:

  1. K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask 50ml.
  2. K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask 5ml.

All you need to do is apply the K18 Mask to clean, towel-dried hair for 4 minutes and the wash out! That's all it takes for stronger, healthier hair in minutes.

For the best results, use K18 Prep Peptide Detox Shampoo before the K18 Mask. This clarifying shampoo preps your hair for the K18 Mask to work its wonders on your hair.

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Revive, restore and repair your hair with K18 hair treatments at DMH Hairdressing Salon in Wanneroo. To book your appointment, please call us on 08 93063754 or book online.