Menopausal Hair Loss

What To Do About Menopausal Hair Loss

Tips From The Hair Experts At DMH Hairdressing In Wanneroo

menopause and hair loss at dmh hair salon wanneroo

While some women go through the menopause years without any fuss or bother, for many women this can be a difficult time with fluctuating hormone levels and upsetting symptoms.

The average age for the menopause to hit is 50 and women experience a wide range of symptoms including dull & dry skin, hot flushes, mood changes, insomnia, weight gain, and thinning hair or hair loss.  

We are here to talk about and help you with the changes you may be experiencing with your hair. You may notice a gradual reduction in the thickness of each strand of hair, slower hair growth, and more hair shedding - particularly around the front of your hairline, temples and parting.  

What Happens To Your Hair During The Menopause?

Women experience a decrease in oestrogen levels during the menopause and years leading to the menopause (also known as the peri-menopause).  Your periods may become erratic and stop, you may experience a drop in sexual arousal, mood swings, skin and hair changes.   Reduced oestrogen levels cause your hair’s growth cycle to shorten. You may shed individual hairs before they reach the length you are used to. 

The menopause also causes androgens (male hormones) to increase.  This can cause hair to become thinner and finer - and you may see unwanted hairs sprouting on your face and body. 

While we cannot reverse menopausal hair loss, we can give you tips to promote healthier hair growth and find a hairstyle and styling products that work with your new hair type.

How Can I Prevent Menopausal Hair Loss?

You can limit the impact the menopause has on your hair and body.  We recommend you go and see your GP to chat through the options available.  For severe symptoms, you may want to consider Hormone Replacement Therapy or natural HRT substitutes.  Do your research and chat this through with your health practitioner to work out what is best for you.

Other things you can to do feel happier and healthier during the menopause include regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and being gentle with your hair.  Check out our blog on How To Get Healthy Hair for some great tips and hair products that can help.

Try A New Hairstyle At DMH Hair Salon In Wanneroo 

Sometimes all it takes is a new hairstyle to make you look and feel better.  Consider parting your hair on the other side, add layers to give thin hair the appearance of more volume, cut away the split ends for healthier hair.  Book a consultation or hair appointment at your favourite Wanneroo hair salon by calling 08 93063754 or book online.